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You want your business to succeed, naturally you want the best. First Tel is driven by being an innovator, a solution transformer and by delivering what we prornise. In short, if you are not successful, we are not successful.

First Tel provides IT and Engineering staff across a range of industries. Whether it’s short term or long term, mission critical or day-to-day objectives, First Tel gives you the ability to concentrate in your core businesses and to be nirnble, efficient and strikingly effective in your mission.

Below are our solution programs built on a foundation of the best VolP and convergences providers’ solution. First Tel has thoroughly evaluated and careful selected a suite of partners whose products represent the leading technologies, Yet, the prices in each complementary technology category, suit your budget. This suite of products, combined with First Tel’s services, composes a powerful, cornprehensive, flexible business solution offering that gives you a .ace of rnind.

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Compare internet Options

allows you to connect your hosts (such as servers or PCs,) in your Local Area Network (LAN) to the Internet at broadband speed. The connection to the Internet is always available on activation.


Slashes your legacy WAN monthly recurrent cost by 40%

First Tel networking solutions meet the unique requirements of your organization, whether it is a Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, Wireless Network, Remote Access/VPN, Converged Technologies (VolP), or any combination.


Network Security Solutions

Network systems and internet are so important in today’s business. They also invite accidental or malicious attack on company’s important data which can costs losses in terms of working hours, customers’ trust and actual revenue.


Mobile Wireless Solutions

As users becoming more mobile and businesses becoming more inactive. Innovative mobile wireless solutions are critical in helping decision-makers to gain access data.


Managed Voice Solution

To survive in today’s tough economy, cost transparency and predictability are becoming more important than ever before. And it’s now crucial than you plan for future expansion strategies and improved service delivery.


Business Continuity Planning

Have you consider disruptions would affect your business. These disruptions may come in many forms, from fire and floods to theft or malicious attack on your IT systems. How about disasters like SARS in 2003 or terrorist attack.

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